Divine Revive

  Your Happiness is  Everything to Us!

                                            We Are A Christian Organization

Divine Revive Inc. is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian organization with a powerful mission for a wonderful vision. It is a qualified Public Charity under 170(b)(1)(A)(vi), and it possesses the full ratification of Section 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code of United States. It is located in United States and out to touch the entire world. Since 1997, we have been doing outreaches on dominion and researches on solution to modern grave challenges. We are not only highly educated but have also traveled around the world with multilateral exposure and understanding. We feel the brunt. Through our outreaches and researches, we have been able to discover many major problems affecting peace and happiness, after startlingly noticing the high rate of broken families and relationships, with so many hearts getting hurt and so many minds giving up. It was this unprecedented increase in loneliness, brokenness and unhappiness in people that compellingly led to the formation of "Divine Revive" in November 2012. And within few months of coming out, we are humbled to notice so many emails from people both here in US and across the world. The growing pace is encouraging. With this coronavirus disease that has hit today`s world, we now work 24/7, to attend to you. That`s right!

We are not just a nonprofit organization, we are a "movement" just because you recognize the importance of our services. So "what`s the catch"? The catch? There is absolutely no catch! We just want a peaceful world where happy lives outshine. We have the passion for lives and the compassion to lives. Our spirits are full and filled with humanitarianism. Yes our love for you is unconditional, even when we don`t agree on major issues. Our satisfaction is measured by the lives we revive (not by the donations we get), and though we may share differences in our race, shape, voice, height, creed, religion, culture, nationality, skill or language, we still share the same basic human features. And no matter our core and rigid differences, it does NOT defeat the fact that the world has now changed with this coronavirus, and thus we need the cooperation of EVERYONE to make it a safe and happy world. True!

So why are we different? We revive lives with absolutely no drama! Right. You submit your problem from our Home page and we provide the solution, provided your problem is within the mission and vision of our organization. We attend to you regardless of your political, racial, religious or cultural stance. We deliver education, mediation and solution. We say big "NO" to domestic violence by unleashing strategic tips to preventing or eliminating it. We eradicate or minimize crime, suffering and poverty which can be so obstructive to happiness in our global community. We fix dysfunctional homes and abusive relationships, even on unusual matters. So, it is all about you! We want to help whichever way. We know it is getting quite rough and you are hurting out there. We want to bring happiness to you. We assure you there is hope. We also put your problems in our aggressive prayers through our HappyBirthday program.

Generally, our services and programs are user-friendly, result-oriented, very clean, 100% free, ethical and confidential.  We do it all with no hitch from you and no cost to you. However, we "DO NOT" welcome or render anything unlawful or harmful in our network or organization, and we "DO NOT" give legal advice.



1. We are into solving all problems affecting happiness of all human lives, mostly through serious prayers.

2. We render 100% free services and do not do solicitation, and our door is open 24/7 to receive your request.

3. We open our service doors to all adults and all backgrounds, even to non-Christians.  

4. We believe and operate in the unconditional power of love, and conduct prayer in name of Jesus Christ.

5. We do not render or accept anything unlawful, harmful or discriminatory.

6. We have zero tolerance to all dishonest, vulgar or obscene languages or contents.

7.  We do not render or accept anything political, and we are not affiliated to any political stance or party.

8. And we only attend to honest requests submitted through homepage of our website.


Ref# 2012DR