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                                              We Give You tips, and Even Pray For You!

Our services are specific and pacific, but please we DO NOT give legal advice in this our network and organization. However, we do provide programs and helps in which encourage and revive the lives of people to enable them maintain or have happy lives, especially in their marriage lives, family lives, school lives, work lives, dating lives, cohabitation lives or love lives, across the entire world. We give parenting tips for clear results in all situations. We conduct intense prayers to your problems through our HappyBirthday program. And we also have our World Best Single program for selected time.

And though we use neutral biblical forces for our prayer, we stay focused on our mission and vision, and stay away from all denominational and judgmental religious differences. The challenges of today are immense and no longer what they used to be, especially now we have coronavirus pandemic terrorizing the whole world, but your happiness can rest on the steps you take. It can either mean success or failure but it can`t mean both, and you can either make it right or mess it up but you can`t do both- decision is yours! Also, we "DO NOT" involve or welcome anything unlawful or harmful in our network.

Here at Divine Revive, there is no conventional result but we don`t want failure to be an option. And yes we use different steps. For example, our help does not conform or agree with lopsided definition of compatibility- the adjective word "compatible" is not when you get along with someone or have many things in common with someone, but when you are willing to tolerate their flaws and they are willing to tolerate your flaws. Never fore-think you can change someone`s flaws when you marry them because such is never guaranteed, but rather see if you can tolerate their flaws in lieu of changing them. If both of you can tolerate flaws of each other, you both are "compatible" or congenial and have better chance of creating happy lives. To enable us keep it simple and carry it ample, our services are handled by two separate major teams- the Tool Team and the Admin Team. 

Tool Team:

Our Tool Team (consisting of part of Governing Section, Legal Section, Counseling Section and Prayer Section) all handles HappyBirthday empowerment program and all problems affecting human happy lives, including unusual matters. They DO NOT give legal advice but do give tips, suggestion, advice, counseling, mediation, hint, education, and prayer germane to all work or business problem, dating problem, family problem, marriage problem and other love and cohabitation problems. They also handle some important governing and financial running of our organization. They are on-fire and on-duty 24/7. They are laid-back, ethical, respectful, focused, educated, experienced and aggressively loaded with unflinching readiness and extraordinary gifts to supplying the requisite solutions to all challenges and problems that are directly or indirectly affecting human peace and happiness. You get service that works for better and safer life. A happy life is surrounded with peace and unity even when it hits a rainy day. Sometimes it is released with true forgiveness and sometimes it is resolved with full preparedness. As for road to divorce, it is not our friend, however, we may concede to it as last resort only and only after applying "all" our tools. 

Admin Team:

Our Admin Team (consisting of part of Governing Section, Accounting Section and Database Section) handles all user administrative matters, including attending to network inquiries in which are unrelated to problems affecting happiness. They ascertain that site users do not violate our terms and conditions. They also handle communication with our partners or potential partners for partner-relationships. Further, they handle all the approvals and records of data of all users of our network, and control some major decisions about Divine Revive. In sum, our Tool Team and Admin Team all maintain the intrinsic coherence and synergy to enable us accomplish the general success of our entire organization. We open 24/7 to receiving your request at your convenience and satisfaction. Together we can reach a great vision.