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Mission with Vision

But Why Us?

First, your happiness is everything to us, but what really is true happiness? It is a peaceful feeling that puts "sincere" smile or laugh in your life or body system, and it does positively affect your health, level of reasoning, comfort and likability, and that is why it is very crucial to every life. But to identify this true happiness, there must be peacefulness because the both are interwoven and inseparable. True happiness is nonexistent and fake without peace. Generally, the inability or difficulty to solving problem is major hurdle of true happiness but sometimes it is preparatory pathway we must just go through to understanding the treasure of true happiness. Admittedly, what makes you "happy" may of course make another person "gloomy", thus source of true happiness can be individualistic, but it still does not ebb or negate its vitality to all human lives.

Here at Divine Revive, our "mission" is to bring solutions to situations affecting or delaying human true happiness with clear "vision" to creating a better world. So, are you truly living a happy life now? Do you feel any deep peace inside you? The open truth is that life is way too short and we "all" strive for happy life in remaining days we have on earth. We are here to help make it happen. We have tools and tips to combating failure through the POWER of God in His son Jesus, no matter your religion and location, and many of our concentrations are related to dating, marriage, parenting, family, cohabitation, school and work matters.


Dating is time of looking for someone to be with or time of getting to know someone with intent to being with them or entering into any type of love commitment with them, and it can of course be pretty tough nowadays by virtue of so many drama of today, especially with this new coronavirus pandemic that has arrested the entire world. The rigor and frustration in finding the right partner can be a seat of unhappiness and loneliness. In spite of many dating websites across the world today with million active users, there are still so many frustrated singles who cannot just find this right person. The ladies blame the guys and the guys blame the ladies. it is like a roller coaster.

Some heap their problem on their looks and wrap a feeling of defeat on their minds. Many post old, fake or only face picture on their profiles in dating websites, making them look different when you meet them in person. Others subconsciously play game even when they are not into playing game. Though the more single we live is the less mingle we face, there is still overt hope no matter our disappointment.

Marriage is very important! It is usually reached through dating. Yes, it is "not" for everyone but it is beyond a piece of paper, and beyond superficial vibes in human feelings. It has some legal relevancy in every country, it has some spiritual relevancy in every religion, and it has some dimensional relevancy in every living. It carries some value of commitment that turns it from a relationship to a family even where kids are not involved. It is a great companionship that puts inner value and comfort to our lives especially as we age. The determinative of flavors of marriage is not when we get married at the right age and for the right mission, but when we get married (through dating) to the right person and with the right knowledge. In building this knowledge, it is good we advertently find or figure out at least three serious flaws in someone "by yourself" during dating time BEFORE deciding whether to go into marital or love commitment with them, regardless of the chemistry we feel. Finding the right partner brings happiness to life, and this is why we give unique dating tips on how to arrive at this destination on case by case basis 100% free!


Marriage? Today`s marriage is no longer what it used to be, and it has seriously affected happiness of lives. That is why our modern world sees and drinks divorce like cold water in all religion and at all location, but the consequences are grave. For example, some children from divorced parents had truly ended up disowning or disliking one of their parents (usually the non-custodian parent), and same with some parents who had disowned their children, all caused by divorce problems.

True, divorce has also contributed to placing some scar and anger in minds of some divorcees, which could and had caused all kind of revengeful crimes, and this, nevertheless has increased the difficulty to trusting the next person we want to date or marry. It has thus uplifted the fear of many singles to getting married and doing it right, leading them to option of having their children born outside wedlock. That`s right!

We are not against divorce if it is a compelling last resort, but our thorough research shows that so many divorces of today are reconcilable. If you dissolve your current marriage today, where is the guarantee that your next marriage would not even be worse than your prior marriage? It is not foreknowable no matter the ascertainment one makes before going into next marriage journey. Bottom line is that every marriage today is full of problems but again that doesn`t dismiss the positivity of marriage. We just need the right tips to keep them. Lack or influence of money is one of the usual cause of marriage dissolution in today`s world, as a marriage that is insolvent or inundated with dire bills can lead to anger, fight and nag that ensue divorce. Sex is another usual problem. You may cross the marriage boundary for cheat if you are a very sexual spouse. There are many more. Here at Divine Revive, we solve all major issues in marriages through provision of strategic counseling, programs and tips. We reveal about sexual causes and changes in hormonal feelings in spouses and how they can increase and decrease sex drive, and also disclose the essence of proper sexual communication. MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK- that is the "first" oxygen we must breathe-in before ever going into any marriage or companionship, regardless of our religion and location. We bring peace and happiness to your marriage or companionship 100% free! 


By law, children are not adult enough to make their own major decisions, however, they are futures of tomorrow and therefore should be given important attention too. A happy home is a "better" place to raising any child, no matter our religious or locational belief, and this has a link to how a child sees her both parents in terms of obeying them, respecting them and understanding them. Even though societal forces of today may play some role in influencing the behavioral life of a child as she grows, the power of coming and raising from a "happy" home, would never evaporate from the child`s subconscious mind. This will help her in some decisional choices at adult.

A child raised from a dysfunctional or unhappy home may use the ugly experiences learnt from such broken home to do things right, but the chances are negligible. Children have unique brain at tender stage and they learn (not just well but fast) when they are that tender. They know when the home is truly happy and peaceful as early as 2, just by watching their parents and surroundings. They are not stupid, however, their vulnerability is high to anything, and that is exactly why we must pay close attention to things they view, hear, eat and even smell. We cannot make better result raising a child in a dysfunctional or unhappy home because of its contagious nature to children. For example, a child raised in home with anger problem will likely demonstrate anger problem in her adult lifestyle.

Here at Divine Revive, we give tips about how to avert abuse, bullying, molestation and trauma. About attentiveness in body language of children. About management of anger problem in parents and children. About sensitivity in hormonal feelings of children toward sex, even at their early age of 8 and why you must change "parenting style" at noticing change in their hormonal feelings. A child from happy home is a child with happy life, usually. Such happiness would preclude or expunge tempting chances of suicidal or horrendous commission from the mental package of such child. We help make parenting "result-oriented" with our user-friendly tips and programs. So, where does parenting commence from? Parenting starts from creating some slogan in which will ring bell in a child`s mind, however, overall parenting rests on leading by example. We unwrap solutions that trigger happy life to a child 100% free. 

Family, School, Work or Cohabitation: 

We want to see a world where happiness reigns in family lives, business lives, school lives and cohabitation lives. To help dysfunctional families going through suffering, hunger, anger, abuse and other domestic problems. To help you overcome work and business related problems, including joblessness and confronting school problems. Your happiness can be stolen by hate and malice hovering between you and your child`s parent, sibling, parent, child, relative, boss, school, neighbor, worker or even coworker, regardless of differences. Right! You don`t have to see them to like them and you don`t have to like them to keep them. You don`t also have to get along to be along and don`t have to live together to get together. That`s right! Please let`s fix this. It`s fixable! Let`s go into kindness and forgiveness. It can make a big difference to our happiness. Enough of all these intra malice, nag, hate, fight, abuse and spleen. Enough of "l don`t care to know who my dad or mom is" or "don`t care to know who my son or daughter is".

What about at work and in school? Let`s take a deep breath please. We can still reach some agreement from disagreement, especially with the coronavirus invisible disease in which has shaken today`s world. Let`s imbibe the spirit of mutual respect and tolerance. Let`s forgive one another or tolerate some flaws of one another, for we are all imperfect creatures. It`s really a temporary world, so let peace prevail. The golden rule says "do unto others as you want others to do unto you". Following this rule can construct a road to receiving true happiness in our lives. Sometimes problem is cohabitation (with roommate, pal, guest, paramour, boyfriend or girlfriend) which can turn sour in the middle of a lease or residential commitment, but we can of course use wisdom to design our own happiness in midst of such sourness. We give secret tips (and mediation) in which will end up smashing problems affecting your private happiness with friends and families, even at businesses and works, and in schools and cohabitations, all 100% free!