Some Secret Hints

That`s right. Let`s take below secret caveats very serious, no matter our conditions and locations.

To Singles Looking For Marriage or Love Relationship:
1. Don`t rush your time but don`t waste your time either, as you don`t age every year but every second.
2. Make sure you find out at least three flaws of someone by yourself "before" deciding to make any commitment.
3. Always date and marry someone of same religion if you`re religious, no matter other wonderful attraction you see.
4. Expunge any "mixed signal" in you, as it is a very serious disease that can choke better chances you meet.
5. Avoid asking money from someone you are beginning to date, even if you are sure the person can easily afford it.

To Those Already Married:
1. Don`t ever lay your hand or give your spouse reason to feel threatened of you, even in deserved intense anger.
2. Always call your spouse by a love name (like, sweetheart, honey etc), even when your marriage is very sick.
3. Make your "friends, relatives and parents" only visitors of your marriage and not members of your marriage.
4. Overlook some of the faults you find in your spouse or marriage, for there is no perfect marriage nowadays.
5. Watch your tongue in every talk with your spouse, as tongue is one of the most powerful weapon in marriage.

To Parents to Their Children:

1. Don`t just make the telling but make the showing to your children that you love them.

2. Never poison or talk evil about the other parent to your children, no matter the situation.

3. Give your opinion but leave your children with "true freedom" to choose their companion.

4. Have joint title of "a friend and a parent" to your children moment they become an adult.

5. Always know that leading by example is the best way to raising children in all situations.

To Children To Their Parents:

1. You may not love your both parents equally, but try to love them equitably.
2. Always know that your both parents have some relevancy, no matter their records.
3. Don`t ever do anything that would enkindle fight between your both parents.
4. Try to be simple when relating to your each parent and relate to each differently.
5. Always show reason to encourage your parents that you came to this world for good.
To Someone Looking For Roommate or Renter:
1. Gently meditate and summarize situation of living based on things that are "deal breakers" to you.
2. Have them written down to enable you remember to mention them when showing or coming to see a place.
3. Watch body language of the person showing or looking at the place, as it is very revelatory of state of mind.
4. Try to be specific in your questions or answers, for it elevates your qualities of attraction and trust.
5. Do not make any decision on the spot. Take some minutes (or even hours or days) to digest the whole thing.
To Workers/Students To Their Fellow Workers/Students:
1. Be ready to expect what is hurtful at work or school, as that is normal in place same people come at regular basis.
2. Try to make close friends with just one or two persons at work or school, as that will help in comforting and easing you.
3. Always stay focused on the primary reason why you are attending that work or school, for better coordination of yourself.
4. Remember applying the golden rule "treat unto others as you want others to treat unto you".
5. And avoid association with anything unlawful or conflictive to your primary school or work commitment